Life of a typical Sin City teen(;

I'm Skylor !
Being a teen living in Las Vegas and in the party scene means your life consists of: Going To Shows In Venues, Beer Runs, Dumb Slutty Girls, Bonfires, Shopping, Walking On The Strip Wasted Out Of Your Mind Not Caring Who Watches, Always Having A Four Loco Or Tilt On Hand, Drug Dealing,'Fishing', Party Crews, Cops, Fashion, Tanning, Cliff Diving, Big Sexy Trucks, Extentions, Four wheeling, Acrilics, Rolling Deep 24/7, No Sleep, Hooking Up With Whoever Whenever, Hotel Parties, Drifting, Fakes, Sex, Ecstacy, Dancing, Short Dresses, Sunglasses At Night, Crazy Drunken Car Rides With 20 Other People, Unforgettable Nights, Nakedness, Smooth Legs, Liars, Ciggarretes, Light Shows, Apartments, Affairs, Beer Pong, Lighters, Hookah, 40 Ounces, Loud Music, Big Purses, Hangovers, Dark Eye Make Up& Pale Glossy Lips, Bling, Fights, Garages, Tattoos Done By Your Friends, Bruises, Shoplifting, Pipes &Bongs, Irresponsible Parents, Raves, Piercings, And Body Paint.
We are the definition of wasted youth.
Welcome to my world .
Can You Handle it?

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